Hi ! My name is Olivier Daire

Full-stack developer passionate about web development and new technologies. Curious and versatile, I love challenges and experimenting to create creative web, mobile and computer experiences.

Quirky and Cosy screenshot

Quirky & Cosy

Quirky & Cosy is a (fake) magazine focused on unique hotels around the world.
We built the website trying to mix the best of both worlds : web and print. We wanted to combine the authenticity of a newspaper and the interactivity of a website.



ShuttleOFX is an open source web platform designed to share OpenFX plugins between plugins creators (industrials, developpers, researchers, students, ...) and graphic artists.

La Broloc screenshot

La broloc

La broloc is an OpenGL investigation game. Your character was found uncounscious in his apartment and suffer from a temporary memory loss. In the meantime, his roommate was found dead.
Questioned by the police, you try to go through your last memories in order to understand what happened.



Favoreat is an Android app which aims to solve one simple problem : keep track of each one of your favorite restaurant.
Using your geolocation and an optical character recognition feature it allows you to save a restaurant when leaving it, in just a few seconds.